What is the best air-assisted airless (AAA) spray gun?

What is the best air-assisted airless (AAA) spray gun?

December 16, 2022

What is the best air-assisted airless (AAA) spray gun for wood and metal coatings?

While there are many spray guns to chose from, one of our favorites is the VIPER manual spray gun from TotalFinishingSUPPLIES.com.  The VIPER gun uses “Mix Tech” spray technology to provide you with exceptional atomization, performance, value, durability, and finish quality.  VIPER is constructed with TFS’s aftermarket parts (non-OEM) manufactured for the KREMLIN® Xcite® gun.  It boasts an 86% transfer efficiency and can be used with waterbased or solvent-based coatings with fluid pressures up to 120 bar (1,740PSI). 

What are the features of the VIPER gun?

  • Material savings and environmental protection
  • VIPER is manufactured by an ISO9000 facility
  • HVLP compliant making it suitable for use in any air quality district
  • Unsurpassed atomization and quality of spraying at almost half the price of the Xcite® gun
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for outstanding performance
  • Performance comparable to KREMLIN® Xcite® and uses our non-OEM Aftermarket Standard and Ultra Fine Finish tips, seals, air cap, diffuser, fluid needle and spray gun filter screens 

Why should you choose the TFS VIPER over any other air-assisted airless (AAA) on the market?

  • You have high standards and like saving money!
  • The VIPER Mix Tech delivers top tier performance at a mid-market price while offering rugged durability and superior atomization.
  • Get more done with less coating and waste! High transfer efficiency for air-assisted airless! Testing has shown this gun to have 86% transfer efficiency.
  • At $599 this gun is 1/2 the price with all of the performance you need! (As of the date of this blog)

What are the specifications of the VIPER gun?

Fluid Inlet:

NPSM 1/4”

Compressed Air Connection:

NPT 1/4”

Max. Material Pressure:

120 bar (1,740 PSI)

Max. Material Temperatrue:

55°C (131°F)

Max. Air Inlet Pressure:

8 bar (116 PSI)

Operating Temperature Range:

5°–40°C (41°–104°F)


0.6kg (1.3 lb)

Max. Sound Level:

82dB (A)


Caption: Check out the VIPER gun spraying alcohol-based dye stain on birch doors.

For more information on the VIPER gun, visit the Total Finishing SUPPLIES website at https://bit.ly/3SU3l2c