Total Finishing Supplies has all your paint application solutions.  Applying paint can be accomplished in many ways, including dip, brush/roll, spray, rotary atomizer. disc, roll coat, vacuum coat, and e-coat. Spray is the most common because of the ease of application and quality of finish. Spray guns are available in Airspray, Air Assisted Airless, and Airless pressure ranges. Each gun offers a unique benefit and liability.  

Airspray guns offer the best atomization but the lowest transfer efficiency. An improvement to transfer efficiency was made with the development of HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure of air) and RP (Reduced Pressure) technology. However, while these technologies offer good atomization, they never match conventional spray gun atomization.  Many states, such as California, require all paint spray guns to be HVLP compliant and thus prevent the use of conventional paint spray guns in production settings. Airspray guns should be used for metallics, textures, and special effects coatings. They are also great for small production when used with small pressure tanks/pots or as a gravity gun. Airspray guns offer the most fluid control as they are trigger sensitive for dispense. Airspray guns are somewhat slower as compared to other spray guns and do not do well with high viscosity coatings. 

Air Assisted Airless spray guns provide the highest transfer efficiency (70-86%) with good atomization at a fast working speed. This is the most common type of gun used in fine finishing for woodworking and general industrial coatings. A variety of tip sizes allow the operator to select a comfortable working speed that coincides with the viscosity of the coating being sprayed. Air Assisted Airless spray guns do not do well with metallics and textured coatings because of the fast working speed, they don't work well with very small parts or small production runs.

Total Finishing Supplies has a wide variety of Airless Spray Guns. Airless Spray Guns are the favorite choice of Professional Painting Contractors because of the very fast working speed, single hose to the gun, and portability of airless pumps. The airless gun is considered to have a fairly coarse spray pattern as compared to all other spray guns. But its ability to spray thick viscosity coatings at fast speeds makes this a popular gun for industries such as construction, protective coatings, marine, and low-end wood finishing. 

Our experts are standing by to help you select the right feeding method for your application. With more than 30 years of industry experience. Total Finishing Supplies has the right expertise. Please call 503-545-5176 for any questions, we would be happy to assist.

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1.3 1.4 1.4ST 1.6 1.8 1/4 inch 1/4" 1/4" Air Hose 1/4' 100 100 B 100 B P 100 mesh 1000 A 1000 A S 1000 B 1000 B D 1000 B RP D 1000 H 1000 K 1000 K RP 1000 K RP D 1000 K RP DA 1000 K Slit Nozzle 1000 KK RP HKU 1000 RP 1000 RP D 10033 1006809 1011361 1011379 1011387 1011395 1011486 1047100 1047150 1057323 1057521 1057547 1065037 1075630 1076456 1076670 1114131 120006 120014 120071 12260 123430 12591 125955 125963 126284 130435 130492 130534 130542 132092 132159 132167 132175 132183 132191 132209 133926 133942 133967 133983 134031 134098 134536 134544 134569 134585 135079 136069 136077 136085 136093 136101 136960 139188 139568 141408 141648 141655 141663 141689 141697 141705 141762 141770 141804 141812 141838 143230 143891 143909 14605 149195 1500 B 1500 B SoLV 1503 151316 151324 151613 151621 153379 153528 153536 153718 154377 154385 154435 154443 154450 154914 154955 15669 157222 15909 159442 159707 161059 161232 16162 164277 164285 164293 164301 164376 164384 164962 164970 17525 17897 1818 1826 183780 187450 187468 187476 187484 187492 187625 187633 187641 187658 187666 187674 187682 187690 188292 188482 188490 188508 188516 188524 188532 190280 190298 190306 190314 190322 190348 190355 190363 190371 190389 191379 191494 191502 197152 197160 197467 197541 197558 198382 198408 198478 198523 198549 198572 199018 199075 199380 199398 199406 199414 199422 199430 199448 199455 199463 199471 2 meter 2 meter air hose 2 mm 2 mm allen wrench 2.0 2.5 Gallon Pressure Tank 20 20 B 200 mesh 200162 200220 200238 200246 201194 201202 201210 201228 201236 201285 201293 201301 201467 202036 204867 204875 206417 206425 206433 206441 206458 206466 206474 206482 207522 207530 211466 211474 211482 211961 213702 213710 214320 214338 215806 215962 215970 215988 215996 228049 228056 23275 25486 25874 25ml 27243 2m 2m air hose 2mm 2mm allen wrench 3/8 3/8 inch 3/8" 3/8" Low Pressure Fluid Hose 3000 A 3000 A spray mix 3000 K 3000 K spray mix 3000 ROB 30585 30833 31336 32987 3509 35592 360 3624 3699 38265 38638 3988 4 4 mm 40-10 Spray Pack 43638 43760 4400 B 44859 45 45286 49395 4mm 4mm allen key 4mm allen wrench 5000 5000 B 5000 B Phaser 50195 50542 50807 5082 51680 52373 53603 54353 5500 58164 6' 60 mesh 6007 62729 62869 64022 64543 64758 6585 66928 68809 68817 69328 69344 69427 6981 69872 6ft 6ft air hose 7016D 70326 74856 7757 78154 79913 82636 8359 90 901 90381 9050 91108 91165 91835 91884 91959 92031 92049 92056 92494 92502 92510 92528 92577 92619 92742 92759 92783 92791 92809 92817 92825 93732 9647 98434 98442 98459 98525 98541 9860 98608 98681 98699 98707 98764 98772 9878 98806 Accessories adam adam 2 adam 2 air micrometer adapter adhesive adhesive application adhesives adjustment screw aerospace agitation agitation cup agitator AGITATOR CUP Air Assisted Air Assisted Airless air brush air cap air cap gauge Air Cap Packing air cap ring air cap seal Air Cap Set air connection air distribution air distribution ring air guns air hose air inlet air inlet fitting air micrometer air piston air piston bushing air piston rod air piston service set air piston spring Air Regulator air ring air spray Air Spray Gun Air Spray Guns air warmer airbrush aircap Airless Gun airspray allen allen key allen wrench aluminum aluminum cup AMCPR Gun Anest Iwata Anest Iwata Gravity Gun Anest Iwata LPH-300 Gravity Anest Iwata Parts Anest Iwata Pressure Gun Anest Iwata RG3L GRAVITY Anest Iwata Spare parts angular anti drip anti-drip anti-drip device Applying artwork ATX Auto Bobcat AutoCAT AutoCAT 100 Series HVLP Gun AutoCAT 100C Gun AutoCAT 100H HVLP Gun AutoCAT 200 Series Conv Gun AutoCAT 300C Gun AutoCAT 300H HVLP Gun AutoCAT Ratchet Automatic Automatic Spray Gun automotive automovtive AVX b phaser Battery black brush blue blue air cap ring blue RP boats Bobcat Gun brush bushing bushings BX 16 BX16 C.A. Technologies C.A. Technologies AA Tips & Parts C.A. Technologies C14 C.A. Technologies Spare Parts C.A.T. SLP HVLP california calligraphy cap carpenrty carpentry CAT-XPR CCS CCS Clips CCS Ring CCS-Clips Cefla Cefla Kleenspray Cefla Mito Cefla Prima cleaning cleaning brush cleaning kit clip clips closing screw COG-101 COG-200 color code colors combi tool compliance connection construction contractor Control control knob control nut Conventional Cougar Gun counter nut coupling Coupon Eligible craft crafts cup cup lid cup set cup system cups decorative design design set detail dispersion drall drip drip proof drip-proof device dual gauge Electrostatic Liquid electrostatic paint meter end cap end plug end screw extension extraction fan fan control fan control knob fan contron o-ring FE-Line Fine Finish FE-Line LCFM Featured Feeding filler Filter Filters & Filter Housing fineline finishing fitting flake Flat Flat Tip Flatline Accessories Flow fluid fluid control fluid control knob fluid control knob lock nut fluid tip GA 1030 gasket gaskets gauge gauges gavity general industrial Giardina Giardina Dual Tech glass glass cups glaze glazes glue glue application glues GM 5000 GM1-350 Go Systems Graco G15 & G40 Parts Graco Parts graphics gravity gravity cup Gravity Cups Gravity Feed Gun gravity flow cup green green air cap ring green HVLP Gun guns H High Pressure Pump hobby holder hose HP HVLP HVLP air cap HVLP air cap ring HVLP gauge HVLP nozzle HVLP nozzle set ICON Pump industial industrial industrial marine insert internal mixing inversion Jaguar 100C Jaguar 100H HVLP Jaguar 300H HVLP Jaguar Gravity Gun Jaguar Series jet jets joint key kit kits Knob Kremlin ATX & AVX Parts Kremlin Parts Kremlin Xcite Gun Parts LAB TEST lettering lid lid cap lids lock lock nut locking screw low pressure low-viscosity LPH 440 LPH-300 LV LPH-400-LV LPH-400-LVB LPH-400-LVX LPH-50 LPH-80 LPH300-LV Gravity LPS 2000 LS LS-400 SuperNova LS400 LS400H lynx Lynx 100 HVLP Lynx 200C Lynx 200H HVLP Lynx 300H HVLP maintenance maintenance set Makor Makor K-One Makor Q-One Makor Start One M Makor Start One MMakor male thread Manual Spray Gun marine Material material connection material filter material flow control material pipe mesh mesh filter micrometer mini water separator minijet minijet 1000 A S minijet 1000 H minijet 1000 K minijet 4400 B mixing mixing nozzle mm model models MSGS200 MSGS200 MANUAL MULTI-SPRAY GUN Multi-Spray Gun mural MVX neddle needle needle packing needle packing service set needle service needle service set needle spring needle tip nipple Nozzle nozzle brush nozzle cleaning nozzle cleaning brush nozzle extension nozzle head nozzle set nozzle sets o ring o-ring o-rings outdated P Version packing packing seals packing set packings paint paint filter paint guns paint needle paint needle spring paint needle tip paint pipe paint spray guns paint tube Paintgun Panther 100Gx1590 Panther 100H HVLP Panther 200C Panther 200H Panther Series Parts Personal Protection Equipment Personal Protective Equipment PET10 phaser phaser b Pilot Mini Pilot Mini Gravity Feed Pilot Mini Pressure Feed Pilot Premium Pilot Premium Gravity Feed Pilot Premium Pressure Feed Pilot Trend Pilot Trend Gravity Feed Pilot Trend Pressure Feed Pilot WA 700 pin pin clip pipe Piston piston rod plastic plastic cup plastic cup lid plastic gravity cup plastic lid plug plug-in plug-in cup plug-in cups polyester Porsche PR pre nozzle pre-nozzle presssure pressure pressure cap pressure cup pressure fed Pressure Feed Gun pressure gauge Pressure Pot pressurized primer primers professional Profi PROTEC protection PT-HD putty PVC PVC air hose QC QC connection QC nipple QCC quick connect quick connection quick coupling reduced pressure refinish refurbish repair repair kit resistant retainer retaining retrofit reusable reusable cup reusable cup lid reusable plastic cup Reversible Tip reversing nozzle reversing switch RG3L ring rings ringss Round RP RP Air Cap RP Air Cap Ring RP D RP gauge RP nozzle RP nozzle extension RP nozzle set RPS SATA SATA air hose SATA Applying SATA HVLP SATA pressure pot SATA Price SATA RP SATAgraph SATAgraph 1 SATAgraph 2 SATAgraph 3 SATAjet SATAjet 100 B SATAjet 100 B P SATAjet 1000 A SATAjet 1000 B SATAjet 1000 H SATAjet 1000 K SATAjet 1000 K RP SATAjet 1000 K RP DA SATAjet 1000 K Slit Nozzle SATAjet 20 B SATAjet 3000 A SATAjet 3000 A spray mix SATAjet 3000 K SATAjet 3000 K spray mix SATAjet 5000 B SATAjet H SATAjet LAB TEST SATAminijet SATAminijet 1000 A S SATAminijet 1000 H SATAminijet 1000 K SATAminijet 4400 B screw screw cap screws scroll seal seal kit seal ring seal set SEALER sealing sealing kit seals separator service service set set sets SGD-71 SGD-71 DISHEVELED shield sieve siphon siphon cup siphon cup gasket siphon cup system siphon fed siphon hose siphon kit sleeve SoLV solvent solvent-based spanner spanner wrench Speciality specially treated Spindle spiral spot repair Spray Gun spray guns spray mix spray nozzle Spray Pack Spraying Spring spring bushing spring washer springs stand standard air micrometer strainer Superfici Superfici Compact Superfici Mini switch swivel syphon syphon cup syphon cup gasket syphon fed syphon hose syphon kit T370-IL T720 T750 T93R T93R Hi-Production T93R Sharp Liner Techline T3 HVLP Spray Gun test test air cap testing TFS TFS Aftermarket thixotropic tightening tip tips tool tool kit tool set tools treated Tri-Tech trigger trigger kit trigger pin trigger service trigger service set trigger set trigger sleeve Trim TriTech TriTech Accessories TriTech Extensions TriTech High Pressure Fittings TriTech Spray Gun tube twist twisted type 1 type I universal universal spanner Universal Spray Roller universal wrench UV VD VD Simple Dynamic Venjakob Venjakob Smartone Venjakob Sprayone viscosity W 2003 W100 W200 W200-ZP W300 W400 W71-P Pressure Wagner Wagner 15-70 Wagner 18-40 Wagner 28-40 Wagner 35-70 Wagner AA Tips Wagner GM 1-350 Wagner GM1-530 Wagner GM4000 Wagner GM4700 Wagner liquid Wagner Parts Wagner PROTEC Walther Pilot Walther Pilot WA wand wand coupling washer washers water separator water-based waterborne Wood Wood Finishing woodworking wrench WS WS400 X 5500 X 5500 PHASER Xcite Zip52 Zip52 Pump

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