Sarmax Apache 5 (Flood & Brush Coaters) was designed for those customers who need to impregnate elements with constant shape and section as laths or match-boards height max of 20 cm. It is equipped with a lateral door that opens completely allowing a fast and effective cleaning of the internal mechanisms.  This cleaning operation can be performed thanks to a high-pressure gun connected to the hydraulic circuit of the machine. The brushes adjustment can be made without stopping the working cycle. In fact, the two mechanical wheels (one for all vertical brushes and one for all horizontal brushes) are located on the external part of the machine frame.

  • Low operating costs
  • Reliability and durability
  • Shorter cleaning and maintenance times
  • Excellent and constant results over time.

Our machines are designed and manufactured according to clear and simple principles of functionality,  maintenance, and reliability,  making them one of a kind in terms of new concepts.

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These are:

❖ The front door opens fully permitting an easy and fast cleaning of the internal parts.

❖ Any work-piece dimension differences are automatically offset by the machine mechanisms.

Approx. overall dimensions  6 ½ x 4 ½ x (H) 5 ft
Max work-piece width  12 inches 
Max work-piece thickness 8 inches
Min work-piece length 3 ft
Automatic spraying pump pneumatic
Feed speed with inverter 33 - 197 f/min
Brush diameter 4 ½ inches
Brushes for each side of the beam 2 top, 1 bottom, 1 left, 1 right
Variable brush speed rotation with inverter 200 – 600 rpm
Motorized rollers diameter nr. 2 
Blowing units for left & right cleaning nr. 2 (1 left, 1 right) 


Machine frame covered with anti-adherent material (Teflon)
Set if 5 Brushes included
Tank for brushes deposit and cleaning
Tank for waste impregnant containment, filtering, and re-used
Electrics according to UL/CSA norms
Packing in a wooden box with vacuum seal bag
  • The front door opens fully permitting an easy and fast cleaning of the internal parts.
  • Brushes adjustment fast and accurate by external control. A single hand-wheel positions all the vertical brushes. Another hand-wheel position all the horizontal brushes.

  • Any work-piece dimension differences are automatically offset by the machine mechanisms.
  • The operating mechanisms  (chains, pulleys, bearings, and wheels)   are all completely outside the semi-finished product impregnating chamber

  • The parts that could jeopardize rotation of the rollers and the brushes that come into contact with the impregnation and washing liquid are made of non-oxidizing and non-corroding material such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic

  •  Basement covered with anti-adherent treatment (3 coats of Teflon applied at 800°)

  • Carrying structure made of electrically welded, extra-strong steel

  • Patent system for fast and easy brush fitting and removing

  • A front “shower” area where impregnation liquid is sprinkled
  • A series of counter-rotation brushes opposite to the workpiece feeding direction.

  • A series of roller pressures (top and side) to assure a perfect flow of pieces. The side pressure special insert can be removed to process pieces having small sections 

  • The inside bottom of the machine has a high angle to allow quick drainage of liquids
  • A set of blowers remove any excess liquid from dovetail or grooves

  • Electronic variable feeding speed and brushes rotation speed with inverters.

  • Two tanks included: One for impregnant liquid containment and filtering. One for brushes deposit and cleaning.

  • An automatic double-membrane pump with 50 lt/minute capacity

  • A three-level filtering system assures complete removal of any particles or dust that might block the nozzles or create not aesthetic spots on the painted elements.

  1. Sucking filter plunged into the color/impregnant tank. (Picture A)

  2. Basket filter located on top of color/ impregnant tank. (Picture B)

  3. Cylindrical filter located between the membrane pump and the spraying area equipped with a handy tap to remove the liquid left inside and a practical locking/opening device for filter cleaning. (Picture C)


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