Tsunami Breathing Air Systems


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Tsunami Breathing Air Systems

Manufacturer:  Tsunami

Part Number: 21999-0265, 21999-0980


The Tsunami Breathing Air Panel is the optimal solution when Grade D Breathing Air is required. The complete system features industry-leading Tsunami 3-stage filtration along with continuous carbon monoxide monitoring. 


  • 3-stage Tsunami filtration system with automatic float drains.
  • Easy-to-read digital carbon monoxide alarm.
  • CO Monitor calibration is made easy with Autocal®.
  • Meets OSHA Grade D breathing air quality specifications.
Part Number
 21999-0265 21999-0980
Max CFM 50 50
Port Size (NPT) 1/2" Inlet 1/4" outlet
1/2" Inlet 1/4" outlet
Dimensions 16" x 18" x 5" 13" x 12 x 5"

GFG Accessories

Tsunami Calibration Kit for Co Monitor GFG 7735-101

CO Monitor for Tsunami Breathing Air Panel

Tsunami 110/120v Wall Pack Adaptor Replacement

Tsunami Replacement CO Sensor - RAM 744