The Professional Painters & Finishers TOTALDrying™ Rack

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The Professional Painters & Finishers TOTALDrying™ Rack

Manufacturer: Total Finishing Supplies

Part Number: TFSHDDR

Description: A drying rack for cabinet doors is something every cabinet shop, painter, and wood finisher needs.  The TFS Professional Painters & Finishers TotalDrying™ Rack has 50 heavy duty shelves. It is a strong, simple, self-assembly rack for drying products in your spray shop.  It gives you the ability to dry a large volume of panels and cabinet doors, improving efficiency and productivity.  Each shelf can hold up to 25 lbs. 

With 50 shelves, the Professional Painters & Finishers TotalDrying™ Rack is ideal for big jobs where multiple doors and panels are being coated at once.  It fits in a 6 1/2 sq. ft. space but delivers 200 sq. ft. of drying surface area!  The spacing between the shelves accommodates various panel thicknesses.  Reduce your overall dry time to provide quick turnaround on projects. 

This rack has heavy duty locking wheels so you can move it away from the spray booth to avoid overspray and also lock the wheels for stability.  

Save time, money, and space with the TFS 50-shelf rack...a must have for every paint and finishing shop! 


• Bar length 20”
• Gap between bars: 2"
• Overall height 74"
• Assembled width 21 3/4"
• Heavy duty swivel castors
• Wheel diameter 4” rubber tire
• Maximum payload 880 lb.
• Maximum payload per layer 44 lb.


• Holds up to 50 panels without taking up a lot of shop space
• Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage and transport
• Customizable to fit your needs

Shipping Note: This item ships in 2 cartons with 2 different tracking labels.  Please be aware that the cartons may have different arrival times.


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TFS Heavy Duty Cabinet Door Drying Rack


What is the weight capacity of the TFS Professional Painters & Finishers TotalDrying Rack?
Each shelf can hold 25 lbs.

Why are the shelves angled at approx. 5°?
The shelves are angled at approx. 5° to ensure the panels and doors remain on the shelves when the rack is mobile.  The angle prevents these from sliding.

Do I need to tape my drying rack?
It is not necessary, but it will help to keep the drying rack clean.

Will I mark up the door or panel if I turn it over to dry it?
Always allow enough time for the door or panel to dry before turning it over to dry. Paint and shop conditions will cause dry time to vary.

How long will it take to ship the rack to me?
Once the rack is shipped, you should receive it in 5-7 business days.