Graco Replacement Parts

The leader in the surface treatment industry, Graco, have quality finishing equipment for the ultimate in fine finish results. If you use Graco equipment including pumps (i.e. FinishPro 395, FinishPro II 595, and Merkur Air-Assisted Pumps), spray guns (i.e. G15 or G40), or their quality pin type air-assisted airless spray tips, you'll find Total Finishing Supplies product offerings of interest. We sell a wide variety of quality, affordable Graco-compatible parts (replacement or compatible products not manufactured by the OEM), providing you with significant savings while delivering the superb finishing results you desire. These products include:

- High-pressure hose, such as our 3/16” ID by 25’ airless hose ideal for most applications, as well as 1/8” ID hose and 1/4" ID hose for thinner and thicker spray applications, respectively

- A variety of accessories, including tip cleaning needles, our high-pressure gun swivel which provides excellent mobility while maintaining a kink-free hose, paint filters, couplings and adaptors

- Replacement air-assisted airless tips that come in a wide variety of fan patterns and orifice combinations. Click here for stocked spray tips.