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Automatic Colorant Dispensers

Automatic dispensing systems with patented progressive cavity pump (PCP) technology.

Manual Colorant Dispensers

Historical product by HERO and still one of the best manual dispensers in the world

Paint Shakers and Mixers

Automatic and manual shaker and mixing systems with a wide range of solutions.


We manufacture our product range in 3 sites worldwide.  Qualified technical assistance is also provided at a local level.

People are a key factor in HERO’s growth. We are a professional team committed to improving innovation, quality and services on a daily basis in accordance with the values of our company. The strength of the HERO team is in putting together a wide range of expertise from key fields in the industry.

TintWise Software

One of the most user-friendly POS software packages, which works as a control and management application for HERO equipment.

Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)

Markets have been enriched with the introduction of a new dispensing technology based on the PCP, one of the most reliable and accurate technologies available.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

HERO offers the lowest total cost of ownership over the life time of your Automatic Dispenser. In fact, we coined the phrase many years ago.

HERO for the Community

A business policy that matches economic, social and environmental targets, with a focus on future sustainability.

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