High Pressure Hose - 3/16" ID

Total Finishing Supplies offers two types of 3/16” high pressure airless paint sprayer hose. Both have great flexibility and can typically be seen applying spray coatings such as stains, lacquers and oil based paints. A very popular size for being used as a whip hose, this will reduce hand fatigue and provide more flexibility at the spray gun which is essential when spraying for long periods of time. Whether you require this paint spray hose to be used on a Wagner, Kremlin, or Graco paint sprayer, you can find the exact high pressure hose needed to get the job done.

Our 25 foot high pressure airless paint hose rated at 3,500 PSI is one of the most popular hoses equipped on an air assisted airless paint sprayer. This particular hose is compact, lightweight and used largely on Graco air assisted airless units and Kremlin air assisted airless paint sprayers.