High Pressure Pumps

high pressure pumps

High Pressure Pumps

High pressure pumps have a PSI rating of 500 or above.  The pump generates a strong and consistent flow of paint at high level pressures and provides the necessary force to atomize the paint and propel it through a spray gun and tip. Pressurizing the paint ensures that it is delivered in a fine mist or spray pattern, resulting in a smooth and even coating on the target surface.

The benefits of using a high-pressure pump for paint include:

  • Improved atomization: High-pressure pumps help break down the paint into smaller particles by using hydraulic force on the material against a small orifice tip, leading to better coverage and a finer finish.
  • Increased productivity: The high-pressure flow allows for faster application, reducing the time required to complete painting tasks.
  • Enhanced precision: The pressure control provided by the pump allows for greater accuracy in directing the spray, making it easier to reach difficult-to-access areas and achieve consistent results.
  • Versatility: High-pressure pumps can handle a wide range of paint viscosities, enabling them to be used with various types of paints, including thicker coatings and primers.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The efficient use of paint and reduced overspray associated with high-pressure systems can help minimize material waste, saving both time and money.

Total Finishing Supplies has your paint pumping and spraying needs covered.  We stock the best high-pressure pumps from manufacturers such as Anest Iwata, ARO, Binks, C.A. Technologies, SATA, Titan, TriTech Industries, and Wagner.

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high pressure pumps
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