Non-OEM Aftermarket and Replacement Parts for KREMLIN® ATX™ & AVX™

non-oem compatible aftermarket parts for sames-kremlin

Non-OEM Aftermarket Parts for KREMLIN® ATX & AVX™

We at TFS are the experts in fine finish paint spray finishing equipment and dispensing solutions. Let TFS provide you with the aftermarket Non-OEM parts you need to maintain your KREMLIN® equipment. We refer to brand names and part numbers of the original equipment manufacturersKremlin Sames SA and Exel Industries SAto educate you about our products. But our products are manufactured for TFS by independent manufacturersnot by Kremlin Sames SA or Exel Industries SA. That is how we are able to provide you EXCEPTIONAL quality at a great price.

If you use KREMLIN®, paint equipment, including spray guns (i.e. ATX, AVX, MVX, or XCITE), you'll find Total Finishing Supplies product offerings of interest. We sell a wide variety of quality, affordable aftermarket parts for KREMLIN®, spray equipment-compatible parts (replacement or compatible products not manufactured by the OEM), providing you with significant savings as compared to OEM while delivering the superb finishing results you desire.

These products include:

- Replacement air-assisted airless tips for KREMLIN® AIRMIX® that come in a wide variety of fan patterns and orifice combinations

- High-pressure hose, such as our 3/16” ID by 25’ airless hose ideal for most applications, as well as 1/8” ID hose and 1/4" ID hose for thinner and thicker spray applications, respectively

- A variety of accessories, including tip cleaning needles, our high-pressure gun swivel which provides excellent mobility while maintaining a kink-free hose, paint filters, couplings, and adaptors


KREMLIN®, AIRMIX®, and Xcite® are registered Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA, and the same companies may claim unregistered trademark rights in other words. The advertised parts are intended to fit KREMLIN® and Xcite® spray equipment. They are not, however, manufactured, endorsed, or sponsored by Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA or any of their affiliates, and no warranty by Sames Kremlin SA, Exel Industries SA, or any of their affiliates applies. Total Finishing Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA and is not one of their authorized distributors.

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Non-OEM Aftermarket and Replacement parts for KREMLIN® Spray Equipment - KREMLIN® ATX™ & AVX™ - Site Navigation

non-oem compatible aftermarket parts sames-kremlin

Aftermarket AirCap Ring To Convert KREMLIN® to Exitflex® Tri-A (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 029.251.303 Nut Special (Non-OEM)


Aftermarket KREMLIN® 029.520.310 Gun Filters - Tip Sieves - Stainless Steel Support (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 029.626.200 Retainer Needle (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 029.600.106 Screw (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 029.690.001 Fluid Leakage Detector (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 055.190.005 Spring Support In SS (For Super Filter) (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 109.420.298 O-Ring Gasket Cartridge Needle Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.251.991 Compatible Teflon Seal (10 pk) (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.251.992 Seal R8 Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.251.993 Seal R22, Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.400.915 O-Ring Gasket For Retainer Needle Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.525.092 Seal Teflon ATX™ Base Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.529.903 Compatible O-Ring Teflon Tip Seal (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.529.906 O-Ring Viton, Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.609.901 Tip Accessories / Micro Tip Filter (pack of 10 filters) (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.609.902 Seat Holder Seal, Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.609.909 Gun Filters - Tip Sieves - 50 Mesh (per 5) (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.609.911 Seat Acetal Resin For Needle Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.626.100 Needle Cartridge Assembly—ATX™ Gun (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.626.400 Seat Holder (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.629.914 Back Gasket For Diffuser, Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.629.922 Seal Seat In Delrin, Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.670.075 / 129.720.075 Compatible Seal For Xcite® and MVX™ Aircap (Qty 2) (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.679.903 MVX Cartridge (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.679.904 Seat Acetal Resin For Needle, Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.679.905 200 bar Seat In SS With Seal Qty 2 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.690.039 Cartridge With Seal (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.690.050 Needle Cartridge Assembly Qty 4 for AVX™ (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.720.250 Compatible Needle Kit Complete 200 Bar (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.729.905 120 bar Seat In SS With Seal, Qty 2 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.729.912 Seal Front Gasket for Diffuser Qty 5 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 129.729.913 Seal Rear Gasket For Diffuser Qty 10 (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 132.650.450 Aircap BX 16 With Adjustable Fan Pattern (Non-OEM)

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 132.650.450 BX 16 With Adjustable Fan Pattern (Non-OEM)



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