Total Finishing Supplies is an experienced leader in providing air supplied respiratory protection systems and equipment. We offer complete systems designed to fit your facility and needs.  Martech, our supplier of masks and hoods, proudly manufactures in the U.S.A.

Our Quality Air Breathing Systems are designed to provide Grade "D" breathable air, from an existing compressed air source. Several years of research and development went into our design of the "Quality Air Breathing Systems". These systems are available from 50 SCFM to 150 SCFM panels, to fit the end users particular needs and facilities, and can service from one to fourteen people at the same time. Custom systems are also available to fit your facilities. With the ever-increasing concern over proper OSHA respiratory protection, the use of an air supplied respirator which is mandated by OSHA [29CFR 1910.134 (d)(1)], is the chosen answer. Air supplied breathing systems provide the necessary Grade “D” Breathable Air required when using a NIOSH Approved air fed respirator. When working in a confined air space and the air inside this space is suspect, the use of a proper air supplied respirator is necessary.

Our goal is to be your complete source for proper air supplied breathing protection equipment. Free design, shop layout and system configurations for the equipment that is right for your location is also available. 

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