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Paint Shakers

Total Finishing Supplies has been providing the highest-quality industrial mixers in the USA for decades!  Our paint shakers and mixers offer a range of time-tested and performance-proven immersion paint mixers and gyroscopic paint shakers.  They are available in electric or pneumatic for explosion-proof environments. Shakers come in various sizes and can accommodate cans from half a pint, pint, quart, liter, one, and five gallons.

Our reputation for quality and service is making us one of the fastest-growing industrial mixer distributors in the country. We distribute industry-leading lines of mixers designed for complete customization and are built to last. All of our machines are constructed of the highest quality materials and mechanical components with the features and accessories to meet your exact mixing, blending, and agitating needs. Our expert designers will work with you to ensure you get the most effective and efficient size and set-up for your mixing application.

Whatever your volume or material, we have the best mixing and agitation solutions for you!

Our experts are standing by to help you select the right feeding method for your application.  With more than 30 years of industry experience, Total Finishing Supplies has the right expertise.  Please call or text us at 503-545-3176 with any questions.  We're on standby to help!

QUESTIONS?  Click the chat below to have one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives contact you.

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