Pump Stands and Carts

Pump Stands and Carts

As part of our Pro Drying Series finishing equipment, we offer a variety of pump stands and carts for every shop and every budget.

We offer two sizes of pump stands, 36" wide x 72" high and 72" x 72".  The stands are designed to hold vertical in-line pumps and are powder coated for protection against corrosion.  Cross legs are also included for four points of contact and sway prevention.  This makes the stands ultra sturdy and perfectly flexible to mount any and every type of paint pump and accessory. 

TFS also sells powder coated 4-wheel carts.  The 18” x 30” cart holds two 5-gallon pails, and the 30” x 30” cart holds four 5-gallon pails.  These are perfect for transporting your mobile painting systems around a job site or factory floor.  Having both your paint pump and multiple material buckets on the carts make your life convenient!  These carts can universally mount most any brand and type of paint pump with a wall mounted bracket (supplied by Pump MFG).

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