Filter Screen For 55 Gallon Suction Rod, Large Diameter (3/4") (Non-OEM)

$25.95 $34.05

Inlet Filter, 3/4" NPT(f), 16 mesh, stainless steel, double screen

Comparable to KREMLIN® part: 668-668-289 or 668.668.289

Comparable to Graco® part: 183-770


These are aftermarket parts that replace the OEM parts.  Not made by KREMLIN® or Graco®

Total Finishing Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with or authorized in any way by SAMES KREMLIN SA or Graco Inc., and replacement parts for KREMLIN® and Graco® brand equipment are not manufactured or warranted by SAMES KREMLIN SA or Graco Inc. or any of its affiliates.

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