Mamba Mix-Tech Air Assisted Airless Manual Spray Gun with Reversible Tip

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Mamba Mix-Tech Air Assisted Airless Manual Spray Gun with Reversible Tip

Manufacturer: Total Finishing Supplies

Part Number: Mamba

Description: The Mamba Mix Tech 200 bar (2900PSI) manual spray gun delivers exceptional performance, value, and finish quality. With a high transfer efficiency, the Mamba Mix Tech competes with other much higher-priced Graco®TM G40 RAC®TM and G15 RAC®TM spray guns.


  • Material savings & environmental protection

  • Mamba is manufactured by an ISO9000 facility

  • HVLP compliant

  • Unsurpassed atomization and quality of spraying at almost half the price

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for outstanding performance.

  • Compatible/Replaces Graco®TM G40 RAC®TM and G15 RAC®TM along with the TriTech Fine Finish Reversible Tips 

Reasons to choose the TFS Mamba over any other Air Assisted Airless (AAA) on the market:

  1. You have high standards and like saving money! Mamba Mix Tech delivers Top tier performance at a mid-market price while offering rugged durability and superior atomization.

  2. Get more done with less coating and waste! High Transfer Efficiency for Air Assisted Airless! Testing has shown this gun to have 86% transfer efficiency.


Fluid Inlet:

NPSM 1/4”

Compressed Air Connection:

NPT 1/4”

Max. Material Pressure:

200 bar (2,900 PSI)

Max. Material Temperature:

55°C (131°F)

Max. Air Inlet Pressure:

8 bar (116 PSI)

Operating Temperature Range:

5°–40°C (41°–104°F)


0.6kg (1.3lb)

Max. Sound Level:



Accessory Part List

Replacement Part List

  • Reversible Tip Guard and Retainer

  • Reverse Tip, Ultra Finish

  • 2. Wedge

  • 3. Fan Regulation Set

  • 4. Pressure Wedge

  • 5. Fluid Needle Gasket

  • 6. Fluid Needle Screw

  • 7. Air Valve, Complete

  • 8. Needle Set

  • 9. Air Valve Spring

  • 10. Needle Spring

  • 11A. Back Cap

  • 12. Air Inlet 1/4"

  • 13. Pin

  • 14. Safety Lock

  • 15. Trigger Pin

  • 16. Trigger

  • 17. Sealing Gasket

  • 18. Gun Head


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Not made by Graco®TM

Total Finishing Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with or authorized in any way by Graco Inc., and replacement parts for Graco®TM brand equipment are not manufactured or warranted by Graco Inc. or any of its affiliates.

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