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The best airless sprayers on the market!  Made in the USA!  TriTech Industries Inc. began producing airless tips, guns, and other innovative accessories in 2005. As a TriTech Industries distributor, we are part of a larger, award winning group of manufacturing companies which has been around since 1955. These companies produce a wide variety of parts for helicopters, missiles, shock absorbers, and components for super computers, as well as additional military, industrial, and aerospace machined parts.

TriTech takes pride in our manufacturing capabilities and produces at a level of precision never before seen within this industry. Every part we create is put through exactly the same careful process. We start with an innovative design and incorporate the highest quality material to ensure long duty life. Then, we select the right machining center to make the part with high precision and efficiency. Finally, we perform a rigorous inspection to make sure it meets all standards and specifications.

TriTech’s engineering and sales teams have over 100 years of combined experience in the professional spray equipment industry. As a TriTech Industries distributor, our goal is to couple that experience with our precision manufacturing group to produce an airless sprayer with the longest duty life. Durability and reliability are the basis for all of our designs. If you have used our airless tips and guns you already know we are serious about quality. So, when it’s time to replace that old airless, think about TriTech airless sprayers as an American made alternative.

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