Viscosity Controls

Inline Fluid Heater - A Way to Control Viscosity

The Advantages of Hot Paint Spraying


By raising the temperature of a fluid, you reduce its viscosity: for instance, heating paint up to 60° or 80° C will have the same result as using a solvent.

Hot paint spraying is also a good solution to maintain paints at a regular temperature, preserving them from the variations of temperature in a workshop all and every day.pastedGraphic.png

  • Regularity of efficiency
  • Solvent savings
  • Reduction of the risk of runs
  • Viscosity
  • Better finish quality
  • Reduction of the rejects due to dirt
  • Faster preparation

Apply more paint per pass 

As the discharged paint exits the gun, two factors raise the viscosity of the paint. The accelerated evaporation of the hot solvents and the cooling of the resin. The net effect is the ability to apply more paint per pass without runs.


Cold paint is discharged into the heater (4) under the action of pressure. It is instantly warmed to the selected heat and reaches the spray gun (3) after passing through the filter (8) at a similar temperature.

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