Aftermarket parts for KREMLIN® ATX & AVX

Aftermarket Parts for SAMES KREMLIN® Brand Spray Equipment - KREMLIN® ATX & AVX

The experts in fine finish paint spray finishing equipment and dispensing solutions, SAMES KREMLIN®, have quality finishing equipment for the ultimate in fine finish results.

If you use SAMES KREMLIN® paint equipment including spray guns (i.e. ATX, AVX, MVX, or XCITE®), or their quality double notch air-assisted airless spray tips, you'll find Total Finishing Supplies product offerings of interest. We sell a wide variety of quality, affordable aftermarket SAMES KREMLIN® spray equipment -compatible parts (replacement or compatible products not manufactured by the OEM), providing you with significant savings while delivering the superb finishing results you desire. 

These products include:

- Replacement air-assisted airless and SAMES-KREMLIN®AIRMIX® that come in a wide variety of fan patterns and orifice combinations

- High-pressure hose, such as our 3/16” ID by 25’ airless hose ideal for most applications, as well as 1/8” ID hose and 1/4" ID hose for thinner and thicker spray applications, respectively

- A variety of accessories, including tip cleaning needles, our high-pressure gun swivel which provides excellent mobility while maintaining a kink-free hose, paint filters, couplings, and adaptors


These are aftermarket SAMES KREMLIN® spray equipment parts that replace the OEM parts.  Not made by SAMES-KREMLIN®.

Total Finishing Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with or authorized in any way by SAMES KREMLIN SA, and replacement parts for KREMLIN® brand equipment are not manufactured or warranted by SAMES-KREMLIN® SA or any of its affiliates.

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