SATA RPS Dispenser


SATA RPS Dispenser

Manufacturer: SATA
Part Number: 195784

Description: SATA RPS wall dispenser (basic kit) Standard kit for up to 2 cup sizes: 2 aluminum brackets for wall mounting, 2 tubes for cups, 2 tubes for lids, and 2 tubes for sieves 28" wide x 32" high x 7" deep

Product Benefits:

  • Genuine SATA Accessories

  • Highest quality

  • For trouble-free work

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Technical Data

SATA RPS Wall Dispenser

31" W x 39" H x 7" deep

SATA RPS Extension Kit

15" W x 39" H x 7" deep

SATA RPS rotawall Adapter Kit

25" diameter, 53" tall

SATA RPS rotafloor Adapter Kit

25" diameter, H max: 82"; H min: 48"

Available Versions


SATA RPS wall dispenser, standard version: 2x cup tubes / 2x lid tubes / 2x sieve tubes and 2x aluminum


SATA RPS extension kit, add-on kit: 1x cup tube / 1x lid tube / 1x sieve tube for flat sieves,
with aluminum sla


SATA RPS rotawall adapter kit
Compact wall mounting version, carousel ground spindle and wall holder (top and bottom)
Tubes are not included in the scope of delivery


SATA RPS rotafloor adapter kit
Workbench/floor version: carousel, base spindle, steel pipe

Accessories For SATA RPS

  • 213629 Fixing kit for dispenser tubes lid/cup with adhesive pad, adhesive foil, holder for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 213637 Cup holder for tube for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 213645 Absorption brush for lid standard for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 213652 Absorption brush for lid mini for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 213660 Dispenser tube for lids for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 213678 Cardboard tube for cups for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 213686 Tube for plug-in and flat sieves for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 215483 Fixing rivet (packing unit 4 pieces) for absorption brush for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 215616 Spare flat sieve dispenser bottom (1x) for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 1008285 Support frame for lid dispenser for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 1008227 Dispenser flap for plug-in sieve for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 1008219 Dispenser bowl for plug-in sieve for SATA RPS dispenser

  • 1028605 Bracket for plug-in sieve dispenser tray for SATA RPS dispenser

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