1/8" Airless Fluid Hose Yellow (5000 psi)




1/8" Airless Fluid Hose Yellow (5000 psi)

The most flexible out of our high-pressure hose selection is the 1/8” ID airless paint spray hose. Depending upon the fitting configuration this airless sprayer hose can be used with a Wagner® airless paint sprayer, Graco® airless paint sprayer, or SAMES KREMLIN® air-assisted airless paint sprayer. Ideally, this high-pressure hose is used with the least viscous spray coatings such as stains, lacquers, and oil-based paints. If a thicker spray coating is used, a larger ID high-pressure paint hose is recommended to prevent clogging, such as our 3/16" ID pressure hose.

The 1/8” ID airless paint spray hose is commonly used in shorter lengths and referred to as a whip hose. Connecting the supply hose to the spray gun, this whip hose will reduce hand fatigue and provide great flexibility for the painter. 

Fittings: 1/4" Females
Series: PA12 (1/8")
Maximum Working Pressure: 5,000 PSI
Minimum Burst Pressure: 20,000 PSI
Core: Polyamide
Braid: High Tensile Brass-Plated Carbon Steel
Cover: Polyurethane

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