1/8" Airless Fluid Hose Green (5,000 psi)




1/8" Airless Fluid Hose Green (5,000 psi)

Manufacturer: Total Finishing SUPPLIES
Part Number: TF-PA12-XXX

Description: 1/8" Air Assisted Airless Fluid Hose – Green Fluid (5,000 psi)

The most flexible out of our high-pressure hose selection is the 1/8” ID airless paint spray hose. Depending upon the fitting configuration this airless sprayer hose can be used with a Wagner® airless paint sprayer, Graco® airless paint sprayer, or SAMES KREMLIN® air-assisted airless paint sprayer. Ideally, this high-pressure hose is used with the least viscous spray coatings such as stains, lacquers, and oil-based paints. If a thicker spray coating is used, a larger ID high-pressure paint hose is recommended to prevent clogging, such as our 3/16" ID pressure hose.

The 1/8” ID airless paint spray hose is commonly used in shorter lengths and referred to as a whip hose. Connecting the supply hose to the spray gun, this whip hose will reduce hand fatigue and provide great flexibility for the painter. 

Fittings: 1/4" Females
Series: PA12 (1/8")
Maximum Working Pressure: 5,000 PSI
Minimum Burst Pressure: 20,000 PSI
Core: Polyamide
Braid: High Tensile Brass-Plated Carbon Steel
Cover: Polyurethane


Hose size is I.D., depending on manufacturer the O.D. may differ 

Based on supply, hose color may vary.

Order will be satisfied with priority to the psi rating and  I.D. size.

Color is not guaranteed.

Hoses are NOT Returnable

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