15-Gram Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Roll for Venjakob Smartone (Filter #5)


15-Gram Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Roll for Venjakob Smartone (Filter #5)

20" 15-Gram Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Roll 

Available in 100' or 300' long rolls

GREEN FIBERGLASS PAINT ARRESTOR: Our green fiberglass paint arrestor provides exceptional performance for overspray capture of a comprehensive range for automotive and industrial coatings. This paint arrestor is made of progressively dense, two-stage continuous fiberglass strands with a 2.5" thickness. 15 grams of density per square foot. At a 99.3 percent overspray capture efficiency, the high-density green fiberglass paint arrestor exceeds all requirements for compliance with federal, state, and local environmental laws governing overspray capture in the United States.

Every effort has been made by Total Finishing Supplies to ensure that the proper filter size is listed for each model/variant of equipment. We do not receive notification of design changes from manufacturers. ALWAYS measure and confirm the size prior to ordering.

Filters are custom/cut to order and are not returnable.

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