Mono Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Pads (Exhaust Filter)

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Mono Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Pads (Exhaust Filter)

The Mono has a unique open-faced design that eliminates face loading while utilizing progressive density technology to ensure longevity and efficiency. This filter pad has an efficiency of 98.66%.

Performance Specifications

  • Initial Pressure Drop: 0.02 in. water
  • Average Removal Efficiency: 98.66%
  • Paint Holding Capacity: 909 grams = 2.0 lbs.
  • Paint Run-Off: 3194 grams
  • Final Pressure Drop: 0.04 in. water
  • Weight Gain on Test Filter: 4103 grams
  • Weight Gain on Final Filter: 55.6 grams

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