22-Gram Fiberglass Arrestor Roll Media for Superfici Mini (Stage 2 Exhaust)


22-Gram Fiberglass Arrestor Roll Media for Superfici Mini (Stage 2 Exhaust)

PA Series 22-Gram Paint/Spray Booth Exhaust Filters 

28" Wide x 300' Long x 2" Thick

Extra Density (22 Gram) fiberglass paint arrestors incorporate progressive density from front to back, increasing paint holding capacity.  The Result ... Superior Paint Holding Capacity!
The best fiberglass paint arrestor available, providing unmatched service life, paint holding capacity and efficiency resulting in low in-use cost.
  • Incorporates progressive density construction from front to back to decrease face loading and increase holding capacity, lengthening the interval between changes.
  • Bright yellow, highly visible color provides added spray booth illumination while maintaining optimal airflow.
  • 99.4% efficiency rating and available in pads or rolls!
Technical Specs:
  • 60"x300'
  • 99.03% efficient
  • Average holding capacity of 2.22 pounds in a 20"x20" pad
  • Compliant with EPA 6H law

Every effort has been made by Total Finishing Supplies to ensure that the proper filter size is listed for each model/variant of equipment. We do not receive notification of design changes from manufacturers. ALWAYS measure and confirm the size prior to ordering.

Filters are custom/cut to order and are not returnable.

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