23.75" x 59" Swiss-Flow Ceiling Filter for Makor S-One (Intake Filter 2)


An ultra-premium 600G ceiling media. Our Swiss Flow 600G series features an improved fiber and tack design to offer incredible efficiency for the most critical applications.


  • The actual thickness of 1.125”
  • Temperature resistance up to 212° F, F1 rated
  • Available in bulk rolls, cut blankets, and panels
  • Exceeds UL900, DIN53438, and EN779 Standards


Every effort has been made by Total Finishing Supplies to ensure that the proper filter size is listed for each model/variant of equipment. We do not receive notification of design changes from manufacturers. ALWAYS measure and confirm the size prior to ordering.

Filters are custom/cut to order and are not returnable.



*All data in above table is per ASHRAE Standard 52.2 Test 18-519-1

23.75" x 59" x 2 Filters