360 True Light

Mounts to all major brand name spray guns, even powder guns too!

Manufacturer: Walcom

Part #: 60172


"360 True Light is the tool designed to change the way you paint"

360 TRUE LIGHT is a tool designed to change the way you paint. You can apply it on spray guns for painting to directly illuminate the surface to be painted and thanks to the high-resolution color rendering of the selected LEDs, the light you will get will be as close as possible to sunlight, thus guaranteeing you the best painting results both in terms of base color check, and optimum lighting even in darker areas.

The light has an adjustable inner fitting to mount on all major brand name spray guns, even powder guns from Gema, Wagner, Nordson, Sames, and MS Powder.

With 360 TRUE LIGHT, you can also adjust the light intensity according to operational needs, thus adapting it to any context in which you will find yourself operating. The two supplied lenses will allow you to transform your 360 TRUE LIGHT according to what you have to do: one integrated transparent one for the color check phase and the other opaque (with spare lens included) to be used during the spraying phase to obtain a less reflective light. The opaque, disposable lens can be bought again in convenient packs of 10 pieces.

In just half a pound, you'll have all the luminosity you need for a flawless paint job. The Li-Ion battery guarantees up to two hours at maximum power and an additional one hour at 50% power, it recharges quickly in a few hours. 360 TRUE LIGHT is universal and adapts to 90% of airbrushes on the market thanks to the four rubber rings of different diameters.

Blog: Illuminate Your Workspace with the Walcom 360 TRUE LIGHT

Also available for powder guns such as Gema, MS Powder, Nordson, and Wagner!

Parts and Accessories:

  • 90240 - Spare lenses 10 pack
  • 90261 - Paint remover

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