3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator Painters Kit TR-800-PSK/94248(AAD)



Manufacturer: 3M™

Part #: 94248, TR-800-PSK (Paint Spray Kit)


Intrinsically safe PAPR Motor/Blower for respiratory protection.

Respiratory protection in environments that call for intrinsically safe equipment
Whether flammable gases or combustible dusts are present or combustible dusts, help provide respiratory protection to workers on the job with our intrinsically safe blowers found in the 3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator Kits.

Personalized protection that's easy to use
The TR-800 PAPR is designed to help provide personalized comfort and versatility for your workers. Equipped with color-coded, intuitive touch points and multiple rates of airflow to choose from, this respirator can help keep your team comfortable and focused on the job. Bright yellow details differentiate the PAPR from non-intrinsically safe 3M models, while visual and audible alarms alert users when the battery is low or filter is loaded. The TR-800 PAPR is compatible with a wide variety of filters and cartridges to suit multiple industries and applications. 

An all-in-one respiratory protection solution
Each kit comes equipped with everything your workers need to get started.   

Work hard. Breathe easy.

3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Respirator Systems with loose-fitting headgear eliminate fit testing and can accommodate certain limited facial hair, to help keep your employees happy and working safely. 

Forget fit testing: Loose-fitting facepieces, hoods and helmets eliminate the need to take up time fit-testing. Review your applicable regulations for fit-testing. 

Hair don't care: Workers with certain limited facial hair can be accommodated with certain headtops.

Protect Specs: Employees with prescription safety eyewear can keep their glasses on under loose-fitting headtops.

User-friendly design features visual and audible alarms

User-friendly interface: Monitor the status of your particulate filter, the charge of your battery and airflow setting at a glance.

Advanced alerts: Audible and visual alarms alert you to low air flow and low battery.

Intuitive interactivity: Color indicated touchpoints of system components allow for easy identification.


Battery Life: 4-8 Hours

Battery Type: Standard Capacity Lithium Ion - Rechargeable

Brand: 3M™ Versaflo™

Breathing Tube Type: Back Mounted

Cartridge or Filter Included: Yes

Cartridge or Filter Type: TR-6510N

Headgear Type: Respiratory Assembly

Includes: M-206 Respiratory Faceshield Assembly, BT-20L Breathing Tube, TR-6510N (OV/HE) Cartridge, TR-641N Single Station Battery Charger, Intrinsically Safe TR-802N PAPR Unit, TR-830 Intrinsically Safe Battery, TR-838 Battery Attachment Tool, TR-627 Easy Clean Belt, TR-6500 Filter Cover, TR-971 Airflow Indicator, BT-922 Breathing Tube Cover and TR-653 Storage and Cleaning Kit.

Intrinsically Safe: Yes

Mounting Type: Belt Mounted

NIOSH Cartridge or Filter Assigned Color Coding: Magenta/Black

Product Series: TR-Series

Product Type: PAPR Kit

Protection Type: Gas, Particulate, Vapor

Recommended Application: Composite Finishing, Final Finish, Paint Preparation, Painting, Spray Coating, Spray Painting, Spraying, Welding

Recommended Industry: Automotive, Transportation, Production Painting/Coating environments

Specifications Met: NIOSH Approved

Visor Type: Clear



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