Accordion Style Arrestor Filter for Makor S-One (Stage 1 Exhaust)



Accordion Style Arrestor Filters

36" x 72" (Case of 5)

2 Cases (10 Filters Total)

A long-lasting exhaust filter offering very low static pressure and improved air distribution within the booth. Reduces inventory storage concerns by requiring approximately 1/8 of the space of other filter types.

Accordion-style spray booth filters provide the most economical combination of efficiency and capacity of any filter on the market.

The Standard Baffle is best used with slow-drying coatings such as high solid enamels, epoxies, asphalts, varnish, and other tacky coatings with larger particle size characteristics. 

The Accordion is designed to capture airborne liquid particulates using the principle of inertial separation.  The Accordion also serves as an excellent pre-filter to any second-stage media.  The Accordion paint arrestor can be fitted for use in any exhaust with channel or cell frame opening.

  • The optimal stretch is 8 pleats per foot

Performance Specifications

  • Initial Pressure Drop: 0.17 in. water
  • Average Removal Efficiency: 98.17%
  • Paint Holding Capacity: 1124 grams = 2.5 lbs.
  • Paint Run-Off: 3435 grams

Every effort has been made by Total Finishing Supplies to ensure that the proper filter size is listed for each model/variant of equipment. We do not receive notification of design changes from manufacturers. ALWAYS measure and confirm the size prior to ordering.

Filters are custom/cut to order and are not returnable.

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