Adjustable Paint Drying Rack Sliders


Adjustable Paint Drying Rack Slider Features

  • Attaches onto the Drying Rack
  • Add (1) or more Sliders to a drying rack to dry multiple items
  • Dry items such as full-size doors, cabinet doors, trim, flooring and much more at the same time!
  • Made of 1/8” Cold Rolled Steel with commercial heavy-duty casters
  • Easily connect with two bolts onto a drying rack
  • Each rung holds approximately 150 lbs. on center & 350 lbs. on spine per level (15 levels) when using our door handles on either doors or other wood products 


  • Attaches onto the Drying Rack with two bolts
  • The ability to dry multiple items at once
  • Easily attaches and detaches in just minutes
  • Ability to dry items small as 6” when using two sliders side-by-side