Air Assist Airless 20:1 Fine Finish Pump (C20-MP40)


Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies
Part Number: C20-MP40

Description: Air Assist Airless 20:1 Fine Finish Pump


  • Upper Seal: Manual Take-Up
  • Lower Seal: V-Packing
  • Fluid Inlet: 1/2" SAE (M)
  • Fluid Outlet: 1/2" NPT (F)


The New Air Assist Airless pump from C.A.T. is an all stainless 20:1 ratio pump for higher viscosity materials and multi-gun operation, incorporates a totally enclosed throat seal to reduce contamination as well as a sight gauge for ease of checking lubricant levels. This is a durable and dependable pump for continuous operation with a 2 GPM displacement for single or multiple gun applications (8 guns up to 13 thousandths tip). The air motor magnetic no stall trip mechanism insures smooth pump stroke transition with no "surge" or "wink" in the spray pattern maximizing transfer efficiency. The fluid section is all stainless steel and can be used for most solvent and waterborne coatings, paints, pigmented lacquers, pre, and post catalyzed materials, and primers. The new "Cat Fast Clamp" makes for easy and rapid removal for maintenance of the fluid section from the air motor. These were built for easy "field" repairs with fewer parts lowering maintenance costs and equipment downtime. An optional separate fluid section fluid filter with multiple outlets is also available. The standard fluid section utilizes a spring seal configuration on the lower portion and a self-adjusting "V" packing on the upper portion. An optional self-adjusting "V" packing for the lower portion is also available for more abrasive coatings.

Pump Ratio - 20:1
Max Air Pressure - 100 PSI
Max fluid Pressure - 2000 PSI
Fluid Volume - 2 GPM (supports 8 guns up to .013 orifice size)

Part Sheet: AAA C-20
Sales Sheet: AAA C-20

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