Anest Iwata DPS-120 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump


Anest Iwata DPS-120 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump


The DPS120 stainless steel diaphragm pump unit is designed for production application environments. Featuring stainless steel fluid passages for a wide range of applications (Aluminum version available). This pump unit is available in four different configurations:

• Stand Mount
• Pail Mount
• Cart Mount
• Wall Mount

The DPS120 delivers constant fluid output. Diaphragm movement is minimal, reducing material supply pulsation and minimizing pump wear.

This pump unit may be used with air spray guns or HVLP spray guns in situations where constant material supply is required.

Stainless Steel Fluid Passages:
The fluid passages of this pump and fluid regulator are made of stainless steel and are ideal for applications requiring waterborne or solvent-borne materials.

Easy Handling and Installation:
Weighing under 40 lbs., the DPS90 is easily installed. Connect the air supply, spray gun, and hoses and it is ready to use.

Easy Maintenance:
Fewer number of moving parts and simple construction assures easy maintenance.

Suitable applications for medium to high volume manufacturing environment:
Woodwork and Furniture
Metal products and Machinery
Commercial and Marine
Plastic products


  • Double Diaphragm Paint Pumps are the perfect choice for fluid delivery to manual and automatic spray guns

  • Pneumatic pump control with double spool air circuit promises an excellent finish

  • The pneumatic control system prevents forced stoppage of the pump

  • Dead storage material channels and easily collapsible pump structure facilitate cleaning, inspection and maintenance

  • Wear-resistant pump assembly




Max. Working Pressure

7 bar (100 psi)

Fluid Output at 30 cyc/min.

4.5 lt./min

Fluid Output at 200 cyc/min. max.

30 lt./min

Paint Viscosity

85 sec/Ford#4

Working Temperature

5~40 C°

Paint Outlet Filter

100 mesh

Siphon Paint Filter

50 mesh


Accessories and Parts

Low-Pressure Fluid Regulator

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