Anest Iwata PET-10/PET-10MN 2 Gallon

Anest Iwata PET-10 2 Gallon


Manufacturer: Anest Iwata

Part Number: PET-10 6315, PET-10MN 6341 (w/ agitator)

Description: Heavy duty pressure pot features a removable stainless steel inner tank liner and stainless steel pick up tube for easy cleaning. Available with or without agitation. Suitable for use with both solvent and waterborne materials using any ANEST IWATA pressure feed spray gun. Includes dual regulators for independent control of fluid and air pressures.


Max Operating Pressure 58 psi
Air Inlet/Outlet Joint G 1/4"
Fluid Outlet Joint G 3/8"
Capacity 2.6 gal
Inner Tank Capacity 2.2 gal - Stainless Steel
Weight 24.25 lbs
Dimensions 12.2 x 12.2 x 22.2 in.
Tempurature Range 41-104°F / 5~40°C



Spare Parts

04020000 Main Body

04020010 Lid Assembly

04020200 Gasket

04020020 Handle

04020030 Release Valve

04020210 Adapter 

04015180 Pressure Regulator For Tank

04016390 Safety Valve

04020040 Fluid Outlet 

04016020 Pressure Gauge

04020190 Screw Bolt

04020060 Washer

04020070 Thumb Nut

04020220 C-Snap Ring

04020230 Cotter Pin

04020090 Fluid Tube 

04016310 Air Flow Guider

04020100 Adapter

04020110 Adapter

04020120 Adapter

04020130 Pressure Regulator For Spray Gun

04020140 Fluid Outlet Adapter 

04020160 Nut

04020170 Inner Container

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