Anest Iwata W400-LV Gravity Manual Spray Gun


Anest Iwata Versatile, High-Quality Conventional Gravity Gun

Manufacturer: Anest Iwata

Part #: 47XX

Description: W400-LV Compliant with Anest Iwata Split Nozzle™ technology. The LV variant complies with EPA NESHAP 40 CFR, Part 63 Subpart 6H.

By increasing the spray gun’s atomization performance, the Split Nozzle™ technology increases the balance and stability of the droplets in combination with the flat spray pattern air caps to help reduce popping and boil on clear coats and mottle and shade on base coats.

The optimized fan pattern of Split Nozzle™ technology is a unique shape: perfectly even and flat with a large wet core. This helps to achieve an even lay-down of paint, avoiding mottle and creating little overspray.

The optimized paint delivery of Split Nozzle™ technology helps you apply the perfect amount of paint. The benefits of which can keep your costs low with the amount of paint material saved, while keeping quality high.


  • High transfer efficiency spray gun combines patented LV technology
  • Proven Split Nozzle Technology for increased material savings
  • Tulip inspired spray pattern
  • Ideal for general-purpose use
  • Quality surface for easy cleaning
  • Minimal wear parts for easy maintenance

Each model comes with your choice of gravity cup and nozzle/needle size.

Parts and Accessories: