Anest Iwata Wider Series - Wider1 Gravity Spray Gun


Wider1 Gravity Feed Manual Spray Gun

Manufacturer: Anest Iwata

Part #: 100XX

Description: A professional versatile Spray Gun for General Industry applications also available in two other variants, pressure and siphon feed.

We have always created the ideal spray guns, adapted to diverse applications and evolving paints. Now, we have developed the new WIDER1 and WIDER2 models, which go further than ever in our pursuit of these key points.  Our spray guns have penetrated markets around the world since the W-200 made it debut 22 yearas sgo, and the W-101 15 years ago. We have distilled this experience and expertise that we accumulated over those years into this new WIDER model.

FEATURE 01 DESIGN - Ergonomic Design with the Focus on Functionality

In the course of applying an ergonomic design throughout, we also achieved a 5-g weight reduction. Every adjustment knob is tapered with deeper grooves, providing a surer grip for easier fine adjustments. We also built in a bushing into the back of the needle valve spring to make paint output adjustment smoother. The tip of the trigger has a smoother shape, for easier operation when applying lower paint volumes.

FEATURE 02 MAINTENANCE - New Models Make Maintenance Easier

The new WIDER is designed for easier maintenance. We changed the thread pitch of the cap from 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm, so that it can be screwed on with 1.5 turns, which is half as many as before. Also, the back end of the needle valve is reshaped to make it easier to remove and attach. By adding straight threadless sections to the air and fluid nipples, we made it easier to attach the connectors.

FEATURE 03 FEEL - Linear Response Pattern Adjustment set

The previous pattern adjustment set reached around 45% of full pattern width with 1 turn, around 80% with 1.5 turns, and almost 100% or nearly fully open with 2 turns. Our newly-developed pattern adjustment set now provides around 35% with 1 turn, around 50% with 1.5 turns, and around 70% with 2 turns. This linear response to adjustment is intuitively easier to operate.

FEATURE 04 REPEATABILITY - Revised Air Valve Seat Sets for a more consistent installation

Previous air valve seat sets consisted of a combination of large and small orifices in the air channel, so installing it into place could produce differences in air volume due to its’ position. This difference could potentially influence paint output and pattern width. We revised the design for the new WIDER, making the orifices much larger and more uniform so that installing the air valve seat set in produces more repeatable results. That enables even more consistent application.

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