ARO Regulator 3/8” Remote Models High Flow Capacity - Flow Rates** to 6 gpm (22.7 l)


Fluid Pressure Regulators

Providing a combination of high-flow performance, easy maintenance, and precise adjustment, ARO Fluid Pressure Regulators are recognized to be the premier regulators in the industry. Their reliable performance and innovative design features make them the preferred choice among fluid handling operators and material dispensing specialists.

The ARO I.D.L.® Fluid Regulator features smooth, consistent pressure regulation with easy-turn adjustment.

  • Multiple materials of construction
  • Standard / High capacity options
  • Floating seat design
  • Remote models
  • Pressure gauge and riser tube included
  • “Easy-flush” mode

Fluid Regulator Features

Easy-access Seat Plug

Removable seat plug allows for quick access to the ball and seat of the fluid regulator for immediate seat access. The feature reduces downtime for cleaning or replacing the seat, if needed. It also allows users to switch to different ball and seat sizes to achieve different flow rates.


Larger Adjustment Spring

A large diameter counter-spring is used to ensure a consistent pressure output and wide pressure range capabilities. Models are configurable with different spring range options to provide enhanced performance and improved regulator life-span.


Tamper-resistant Spring Adjust

ARO’s industrial downstream regulator models have a recessed hex-head fitting allowing pressure adjustment using the same 3/8” wrench (included) that removes the housing. This screw is recessed, which helps avoid any accidental or unauthorized adjustment changes.


“Easy-Flush” Mode

ARO’s industrial downstream regulator models have a unique flush-out mode, where by simply turning a key (provided) clockwise, the entire center spindle moves downward, forcing the ball off the seat and purging the entire regulator of particle build-up.

Base Housing Material Choices

Low-pressure regulator bases are available in 300 series stainless steel or zinc/aluminum. High-pressure bases are available in 300 series stainless steel or Electroless Nickel-plated carbon steel for wide material compatibility. All regulator seals are constructed of PTFE for maximum chemical compatibility. 

Easy-Access Housing Fasteners

Our industrial regulators can be opened for maintenance or inspection by removing four, easy to reach hex-head screws. There’s no need to remove the regulator from the line while doing this, either. The upper housing is constructed of corrosion-resistant zinc aluminum for a sleek, clean appearance and a long, rust-free life.

Typical Applications

Back-pressure fluid regulators are typically used in recirculating or closed-loop systems, allowing them to maintain fluid pressure of the system either upstream of the fluid regulator or downstream of the dispensing device. Back-pressure fluid regulators help maintain fluid pressure regardless of changing flow demand triggered by multiple operators or dispense points.

Dead End System

Fluid Pressure Regulators

Recirculating System

 Fluid Pressure Regulators

Materials of Construction
Port Size (NPTF): 3/8"
Base Housing: Stainless Steel
Seat: Tungsten Carbide
Regulated Pressure Range psi (bar): 400 - 5000 (28 - 345)
Max. Inlet Pressure psi (bar): 6000 (414)