AutoCAT 100C (General Purpose)


Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies
Part Number: A100C-xx-xxxx

Description: The A100C is a general-purpose conventional air spray automatic gun for spraying a wide range of coatings. Designed for production use, the AUTOCAT is perfect for all coatings from thin to thick, stains to glue. Can also be used with internal mix nozzles as well as carbide tipped fluid nozzles for abrasives. This gun features a self-adjusting needle packing, inexpensive nozzle replacement, and rugged construction.

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet - 3/8 NPS (m)
Weight - 24 oz.
CFM is dependant on Air Cap

Part Sheet: AutoCAT 100C (A100C)

Sales Sheet: AutoCAT Conventional

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