Hero Automatic Dispenser Entry Level (Small) A110


Hero Automatic Dispenser Entry Level (Small) A110

Manufacturer: Hero

Part Number: A110-12E-V


Sequential dispense , 16 x 2.1 qt canisters-max flow rate: 7 oz /minute

  • Up to 16 canisters
  • Sequential Dispenser
  • Max flow rate up to 7 oz per minute
  • Fully automatic nozzle humidifier capping system
  • Manually repositionable can shelf - ½ pint to 5 gal pails
  • Laser cross hair bung hole locator
  • 44.5” H x 27.5” W x 26” D
  • Same width and depth as a manual dispenser
  • An ideal option to upgrade from a manual dispenser
  • Optional PC/Monitor stand available here 
  • Prices include TintWise software
  • Self installation model
  • PC and monitor sold separately here
  • printer sold separately here

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