Binks Premium Spray Finishing Air Hose 28' or 53'


Binks Premium Spray Finishing Air




Manufacturer: Carlisle Binks


Part Number:  72-4803, 28' / 71-4804, 53'

Description: Premium spray finishing polyurethane air hose, 28' or 53' - one push to connect fitting. This hose is typically for automation.


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1/4" i.d. x 3/8" o.d. x 28 ft. or 53 ft.

Max Working Pressure:

100 p.s.i.

Connection Material:


Tube Material:

Polyurethane (red)




Recommended Use

  • Class B oil resistance. Designed for all finishing operations as well as rugged industrial applications, especially applications requiring lubricants in the airline supply or where oil and grease are present in the environment. Excellent for use with water and water-based materials. Temperature range from –40°F to +200° F (max).


  • EPDM, Class B oil resistant


  • High tensile strength spiral

  • Specially designed for
    maximum flexibility (under pressure)
    and maximum coupling retention


  • EPDM, red, smooth.

  • Abrasion resistant.

  • Oil resistant


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Hose size is I.D., depending on manufacturer the O.D. may differ 

Based on supply, hose color may vary.

Order will be satisfied with priority to the psi rating and  I.D. size.

Color is not guaranteed.

Hoses are NOT Returnable