Binks AG-364 Airless Automatic Gun


AG364 Airless Automatic Manifold Gun

Manufacturer: Carlisle Binks

Part #: AG364-0000-X

Description: The Binks AG-364 Airless Spray Gun provides improved transfer efficiency and a useful method to maintain a cleaner machine. Available in dead head or recirculation manifolds, this high-quality airless spray gun helps eliminate excessive paint waste and lengthy cleaning time. The AG-364 accomplishes ultimate transfer efficiency, resulting in: reduced overspray, cleaner machines and reduced applied coating cost per part. A softer, high-integrity fan pattern also allows for the consistent application of materials to detailed profiles and surfaces.

The tip holder indexes 45 degrees with insert and is completely adjustable without insert. The versatility of tips utilized on the AG-364 allows for application of multiple wood finish materials.

As a member of the proven AG family, the AG-364 makes it easy to upgrade from air-assisted airless equipment. It utilizes the same pumps, fluid lines, regulators and fluid pressure ranges for a seamless transition.

Purchase Options:

Guns come with your choice of a recirculating or non-recirculating manifold. Fluid tips are sold separately.

Standard Fluid Tips

Fine Finish Tips



  • Increased transfer efficiency reduces overspray, time, materials
  • Softer high integrity fan pattern creates consistent application
  • Tip versatility allows use on a variety of wood finishes
  • Tip holder indexes 45 degrees with insert (Completely adjustable without insert)
  • Easy upgrade: Uses same parts as air assisted airless equipment

Compatible Materials / Coatings:

  • Solvent and water based materials

Markets and Applications:

  • Aerospace
  • General Industrial
  • Glass
  • Protective Coatings
  • Wood
  • Fixed gun installations
  • Rotary finishing machines
  • Reciprocators - vertical and horizontal
  • Robot applicators

Parts and Accessories:


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