C.A. Technologies Repair Kit -- 14-1 Fluid Section (10-117)

C.A. Technologies part 10-117 STANDARD packing seal repair kit for C14, B14 air assisted airless 14:1 lower pumps. Also fits CATalyzer 1:1 base & catalyst pumps and CATalyzer 10:1 base pump.
Disassembly from air motor. Pump disassembly and service is easiest if first removed from air moto
1. Disconnect the fluid hose and siphon hose from the pump.
2. Remove the cotter pin and clevis pin connecting the pump and air motor.
3. Leave mounting plate and tie rods attached to the air motor. Loosen and remove the solvent cup using the 1/4 pin wrench provided.
Pump disassembly. It is recommended that repair kit #10-117 be on hand before starting pump repair.
1. Holding the pump tube by the flats, remove the inlet fitting using an adjustable or 1 1/8 wrench. The lower ball and seat can be removed.
2. Push down on the pump rod from top of pump. The pump rod and lower seal/guide assembly will come out thru bottom of pump.
3. Remove the upper packing nut using an adjustable or 1 1/8 wrench. The upper seal/guide will come out with the upper packing nut.
4. Place one end of the 1/4 pin wrench thru the clevis pin hole in the pump rod. Using a 3/8 hex wrench remove the upper seat retainer. The upper seat, ball, and ball cage can be removed.
Pump reassembly
1. Inspect the pump rod in the areas where the upper and lower seals ride. If the diameter of the rod in these areas appear to be reduced or if scoring has occurred, the rod must be replaced. Replace the upper ball and seat into the rod using a new ball and seal. Note, the seat is reversible.
2. Replace the upper seal/guide and o-ring (98-8020) in the upper packing nut. Place upper packing nut into pump tube and tighten.
3. Place the lower end of the pump rod into a new lower seal/guide assembly and new o-ring (98-8025). Carefully slide upper end of pump rod into pump tube and thru the upper seal/guide.
4. Place a new o-ring (98-8017) around the lower seat (Note, seat is reversible) and push into the recess in the inlet fitting. Set a new ball on the seat and tighten inlet fitting into the pump tube.
5. Replace o-ring (98-7125) on pump tube and slide pump thru mounting plate and solvent cup. Orient the outlet fitting as desired and tighten the solvent cup to secure pump. Reattach the pump to the air motor by replacing the clevis pin and cotter pin.