CAT-XPress Fine Finish Spray Gun CAT PACK w/ PPS Cup


Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies
Part Number: CAT-XPR-PPSR2

Description: CAT-XPress Fine Finish Spray Gun CAT PACK w/ PPS Cup


  • 0.8 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.8 mm Needle/Nozzle Setups
  • Blue Pressure Reduced Air Cap
  • Green HVLP Air Cap
  • 1qt PPS Cup
  • Regulator
  • Type S-18 Adaptor
  • 3 lids/liners
  • Tools and Case


  • Extreme material atomization
  • Extreme transfer efficiency
  • Extreme material application speed
  • Air caps engineered for precise atomization
  • All stainless steel fluid passages
  • Lightweight with handle ergonomics
  • Quick-adjust fan control

Part Sheet

3M PPS 2.0 Cup System - Brochure

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