ChoreMaster® (CV) Series Gasoline Direct Drive Vertical


Cold Water Pressure Washer

Model Number PSI GPM Displacement/Engine Pump
CV-2600-3MMC 2600 2.2 170cc Mi-T-M OHV AR, axial
CV-2600-4MHC 2600 2.2 160cc Honda GCV160 OHC AR, axial
CV-2600-4MMC 2600 2.2 170cc Mi-T-M OHV AR, axial
CV-3000-4MHC 3000 2.3 187cc Honda GCV190 OHC AR, axial


– Honda OHC or Mi-T-M OHV engine
– Direct drive axial piston AR pump with aluminum manifold
– Removable powder coated steel 11⁄4-inch tube handle
– Large 12-inch semi-pneumatic tires
– Detergent tank (Not available on CV-2600-3MMC)
– 30-foot x 1⁄4-inch nylon-braided high pressure hose
– 30 day limited trigger gun/wand, unloader valve and high pressure hose warranties
– 1 year limited high pressure pump and frame assembly warranties
– 1 year limited Mi-T-M engine warranty
– Honda engine limited warranty:
– 3 month, commercial
– 2 year, residential

2-5 Hours/Week

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