Flex Paint Thickness Gauge

Manufacturer: Coatmaster

Part #: LD5864


"Just pick it up and start measuring."

This handheld is the most innovative one in terms of contactless coating thickness measurement.

Would you like to measure the coating thickness early in the process in order to save material and avoid coating mistakes? Then the Coatmaster Flex is the right measurement device for you.

Optimize your process and get your Coatmaster Flex now. Convince yourself of the efficiency and save thousands per month of coating material per production line. Reduce rejects and increase production quality.

Rechargeable batteries and charger are not included. You will need at least one (two are recommended) Bosch ProCare 18v, 4Ah or compatible rechargeable battery and charger. TFS does not sell these, you will need to source them.

Parts and Accessories:

Technical Data - Metal Substrate

Powder coatings before curing  10 - 300 µm
Wet coatings before drying 10 - 300 µm
Cured powder coatings 10 - 500 µm
Dried wet coatings 10 - 500 µm
Measuring time from 20 ms
Distance tolerance ± 70°
Measurement on moving and jiggling parts yes
Relative standard deviation* <2%
Smallest measuring point 2mm
Works on all colors (incl. white) yes
Real-time data access via ERP and Internet browser yes
Dimensions H x W x D 15" x 4" x 8"
Weight (without battery) 3 LB
Measurements/battery with application non-white up to 1,300
Standby time/battery up to 7.5 h


Ex Works from Switzerland- You will be contacted with a freight quote

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