Air Filter Water Separator – Auto Drain 52-515


Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies
Part Number: 52-515

Description: Air Filter Water Separator – Auto Drain 


C.A. Technologies part 52-515 Air and Water Filter. This unit provides one-micron filtration of water and dirt in compressed airlines. Rated at 60 SCFM, these units are recommended for point-of-use applications. Features include manual drain, heavy-duty metal bowl construction, and easy spin-off cartridge replacement. Also included are a metal regulator and glass-faced gauge for accurate pressure control. The maximum pressure is 150 PSIG. Used in two gun operations. The unit includes filter, 1/2″ port sizes, and comes with auto drain and filter load indicator standard.


Inlet Port: 1/2″ FNPT
SCFM: 60
Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
Ball Valves: 0
Air Regulators: 0

Replacement Parts:

Replacement Cartridge: 52-551 


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