EKASILK PLUS 5mm Sanding Sponge 5" Hook & Loop

$55.00 $68.75

EKASILK PLUS 5mm Sanding Sponge 5" Hook & Loop

Manufacturer: Uneeda

Part Number: P-1045XX, P-106027, P-105579

Description: Whether you’ve got large flat panels or hard to reach spaces, such as corners or between louvers, using the 5mm EKASILK PLUS sponges on your sander will eliminate the majority of manual hand sanding and speed up the whole finishing process, from final prep of raw wood before primer or stain, all the way through to your final coat of finish.

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Minimum Order/Package Quantity: 25


Grit Equivalence


60 grit finish


120–150 grit finish


150–180 grit finish


220–240 grit finish

Very Fine

320–380 grit finish


450–500 grit finish

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