Puma 28-40 Cart Mount Quick Release Combo IceBreaker Spray Pack


Puma 28-40 Cart Mount Quick Release Combo IceBreaker Spray Pack

The Puma 28-40 – Wagner IceBreaker Airless Paint Sprayer 3260 PSI @ 0.64 GPM comes in different packages and configurations such as with a Cart or as a Wall Mount. Please make sure to select the right unit based on your needs. See chart further below for details.Wagner IceBreakers are units designed for airless & aircoat applications through their high pressure piston pumps. The special motor design and unique discharge valves are heavily reducing icing issues by preventing accumulation for exceptional performance and superior reliability.The packings are self-adjusting combined with thick, hard chrome plated stainless steel fluid sections for durability, regardless of the used material.The pilot valve is always fed by full air pressure. Furthermore it is packing-free and anti-stalling – independently from your working pressure for high speed inversions and optimal performance.The IceBreaker is the optimal choice for almost any high-pressure application attributed to the outstanding durability and very high reliability.

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • Pump Ratio: 28:1
  • Max. Working Pressure (PSI): 3260
  • Max. Flow (GPM): 0.64
  • Air Pressure (PSI) Min/Max: 22 / 116
  • Air Supply (Internal): BSP 1/2 in.
  • Material Inlet (External): M 36 x 2
  • Material Outlet (External): 3/8 in. NPS
  • Max. Number of Guns (with 0.009 in. Nozzle): 5
  • Max. Number of Guns (with 0.013 in. Nozzle): 2
  • Max. Number of Guns (with 0.017 in. Nozzle): N/A

Comes with:

  • Puma 28-40 PE/TG (Part # 2329467)
  • Trolley 4 in. Assembly (Part # 2325901)
  • AirCoat Regulator IceBreaker (Part # 2328611)
  • Suction Hose Assembly (Part # 2324110)
  • Release Combo (Part # 2329023)
  • GM 4700 AC Gun with Air Cap and Tip (Part # GM4700-BL413)
  • Twin Hose Set – 25 ft Air & Fluid Hose (Part # 2309706)
  • Throat Seal Lubricant – 250ml (Part # 9992504)


  • Reliable through a unique internal design of the motor to prevent or drastically reduce ice formation and accumulation.
  • Full air pressure in the pilot valve, regardless of the adjusted working pressure.
  • A safety air valve ensures that no pressure is left in the air motor.
  • The release agent cup is easily accessible with quick-release couplings between piston and air motor for easy fluid section replacement.
  • Choose between high pressure fluid filter or release combo for quick pressure release, fill or flush function.
  • The chrome plated stainless steel fluid section ensures durability regardless of material used with self-adjusting packings for longer durability.
  • A large ball valve with hard metal seats allows strong suction power with extreme long lifetime.
  • The suction hose is mounted on a swivel joint.

Part Number Chart for Puma 28-40 IceBreaker Pumps (3260 PSI @ 0.64 GPM):

  • Puma 28-40 Cart Mount High Pressure Filter Version – 2393653
  • Puma 28-40 Cart Mount Release Combo Version – 2393654
  • Puma 28-40 Wall Mount High Pressure Filter Version – 2393655
  • Puma 28-40 Wall Mount Release Combo Version – 2393656

Accessory & Replacement Part List:

  • 115805 – Packing PE/TG Small
  • 367991 – Packing PE/TG Large
  • 367990  Service Kit PE/TG
  • 367995  Air Motor Service Kit
  • 2324110 – 5/8 in. Suction Hose
  • 2329023 – Release Combo Assembly
  • 2329024 – High Pressure Filter Assembly