Professional Mini Spray Gun Glaze Kit - T2-Glaze


Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies
Part Number: CA-T2-GLAZE


Description: The T2 mini gravity spray gun is designed for easy glazing without
the spray and wipe and professional-grade touch-up. With its HVLP
compliance and low air consumption of 4 CFM, this spray gun is ideal
for any touch-up situation.

Glazing Nozzle Features

  • Glazing nozzle provides speed and material savings
  • No more spray and wipe
  • No air needed when applying glaze

Standard Nozzle Features

  • Low air consumption of 4 CFM
  • HVLP - 65% transfer efficient or better
  • PTFE needle packing
  • Air adjusting valve
  • Plastic and aluminum twist top cups
  • Great for detailing and touch-ups


CA60-T2-18 Air Inlet Fitting

CA60-T2-13 Air Control Assembly

CA60-T2-11 Atomizing Baffle 

CA60-T2-19-1 Trigger Pivot and C-Clip Set

CA60-T2-16 Fluid Inlet 

CA60-T2-23 Trigger

CA60-T2-14 Air Valve Assembly

CA60-T2-22 Wrench

CA60-T2-15 Fluid Control Knob/Lock 

CA60-T2-10 Repair Kit

CA60-T2-12 Fan Control Assembly

CA60-T2-30-08 T2 0.8 Mm Nozzle/needle Set

CA60-T2-30-10 T2 1.0 Mm Nozzle/needle Set

CA60-T2-30-12 T2 1.2 Mm Nozzle/needle Set

CA60-T2-30-13 T2 1.3 Mm Nozzle/needle Set

CA60-T2-30-10-G T2 Glaze Nozzle 1.0

CA60-T2-08l T2 0.8 Mm Needle

CA60-T2-10l T2 1.0 Mm Needle

CA60-T2-12l T2 1.2 Mm Needle

CA60-T2-13l T2 1.3 Mm Needle

51-406 150 Ml Aluminum Cup

51-407 125 Ml Plastic Cup

CA91-570-P 3m 200 Ml Hard Cup

CA91-571-50 3m 200 Ml Lids And Liners

CA91-573 3m Type S21 T2 Adapter



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