Cougar Air Assist Airless (AAA) Spray Gun


Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies
Part Number: Cxxx

Description: The C.A. Technologies Cougar Air Assist Airless (AAA) is a fine finish spray gun designed for production wood and metal finishing. Features include all stainless steel fluid passages, ergonomic design, integrated fluid filter, and easy trigger pull. Its superfine soft atomization is achieved with the precise geometry of the airless fluid tip and low volume air cap that mix at the locus of atomization which in turn will deliver the desired finishes at production speeds. The pump and gun system can be operated with only a small 1.5 hp compressor.


Includes 100 mesh inline filter
2500 psi maximum working pressure
Air Inlet – ¼” NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet – ¼” NPS (m)
Weight – 23 oz.
Requires 6 CFM
The standard tip is .011 X 40° angle, other tip sizes are available here (available sizes from .007 to .021 with angles from 20° to 80°)

Features & Benefits:

100% stainless steel fluid passages, nozzle, and needle makes this spray gun perfect for water-based coatings
This is an excellent atomizing spray gun that will provide a “class A” finish quality
Fast production speeds with +65% transfer efficiency making it a very efficient spray gun
The Cougar provides better than 30% fan pattern width adjustment giving you added versatility on any project
The Cougar has a very ergonomic handle design to fit comfortably in your hand
When the spray gun inlet air pressure is under 24 psi the air pressure coming out of the HVLP air cap on the front of the spray gun is less than 10 psi.

*(Please note that general tip recommendations can be found in the chart below. For safety reasons, only pair this spray gun with AAA Pumps that generate a maximum 2500 psi working pressure or less. For more detailed information on the spray gun such as parts, setup & maintenance, please review the part sheet).

Manual & Parts List

Available Repair kit and Individual Parts (select from drop down menu)

26-101 - CA Tech Air Cap, HVLP

21-1001 - Series 100H Air Cap Retaining Ring

36-XXX - CA Tech AAA Tips 

66-12X - Filter Element

66-130 - Needle Assy


Tip Conversion Chart (Kremlin)

TRIA Reversible Spray Tip System

Tip Size Orifice Angle Pattern Width
General Coating Type
.409 0.009 40 deg 3-9 inches Conversion Varnish & Pre-Cat Lacquers
.411 0.011 40 deg 3-9 inches Conversion Varnish & Pre-Cat Lacquers * Standard Tip
.511 0.011 50 deg 3-10 inches Conversion Varnish & Pre-Cat Lacquers
.611 0.011 60 deg 4-12 inches Conversion Varnish & Pre-Cat Lacquers
.413 0.013 40 deg 3-9 inches Oil Based Enamels & Pre-Cat Lacquers
.513 0.013 50 deg 3-10 inches Oil Based Enamels & Pre-Cat Lacquers
.613 0.013 60 deg 4-12 inches Oil Based Enamels & Pre-Cat Lacquers
.515 0.015 50 deg 3-10 inches Primers
.615 0.015 60 deg 4-12 inches Primers


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