Dan-Am Coupling, 1/4" Hose Barb, E-Safe


Coupling, 1/4"Hose Barb, E-Safe

Manufacturer: Dan-Am Air

Part Number: 10-320-2002


Series 320 coupling is an easy-to-handle high performing coupling with a long service life. eSafe is a one hand operated safety coupling that vents before disconnection eliminating the risk of hose whip. Male threads on the couplings and nipples feature pre-applied thread sealant. The couplings have a smaller outside dimension than comparable designs. Full automatic operation ensures easy handling. eSafe complies with ISO Standard 4414 and EN 983.

  • Nominal flow diameter: 7.6mm
  • Air flow: 79.4 CFM
  • Max pressure: 232 psi

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