DeVilbiss AG-361 Automatic Spray Gun


Low Pressure Air Atomization Automatic Spray Gun

Manufacturer: Carlisle DeVilbiss

Part #: AG-361


Professional spray equipment for universal superior performance. Using the acknowledged market leading Low Pressure Air Atomization technology from DeVilbiss, the AG-360 series has been developed to provide a blend of finish quality, engineering robustness, and superior transfer efficiency. The AG-360 Auto Gun series from DeVilbiss is available in various gun formats to provide an all-encompassing and universal automatic finishing solution for all applications. Designed to function in the tough working environment of the modern finishing industry, these guns give you maximum productivity with minimum downtime.

AG-361 variants are designed to be cost effective guns with maximum control and serviceability.

Each model comes with your choice of air cap and fluid nozzle/needle size. An 18 click per revolution ratchet fluid needle adjuster comes standard.

Air Cap Specifications: Click Here

  • A comprehensive range of CONVentional, HVLP, and Trans Tech (High Efficiency) Air Caps provide a choice of environmental compliance, transfer efficiency, atomization power and application requirements.
  • Simple construction and easy maintenance for minimal down time.
  • Stainless steel fluid passageways for water-based and solvent-based coating applications.
  • Compact size and weight for easy positioning and precise alignment.
  • Multiple options and formats to evolve for all application requirements.
  • Independent fan, atomizing and trigger air: vital for robotic and fully automatic machine applications.

Typical coating types and applications:

  • Solvent and water based paints and materials
  • Wood sector stains, sealers, and topcoats
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Ceramics, enamels, and glazes
  • Epoxy primers and polyurethane top coats
  • Air drying, stoving, and 2K coatings
  • UV and radiation cured finishes


Typical mounting:

  • Rotary and Carousel Machines
  • Reciprocators and Transverse Equipment
  • Robot and Complex Gun Movers
  • Fixed Spray Stations