DeVilbiss AG-362 Automatic Spray Gun


Low Pressure Air Atomization Automatic Spray Gun with Manifold

Manufacturer: Carlisle DeVilbiss

Part #: AG-362

Description: The AG362 low pressure air atomising spray guns are designed to be fast changeover, modular construction applicators, for spray finishing on machines and fixed mountings. The AG362 can be mounted on either a rear entry, lever operated, fast detachable manifold, or a screw attached, low profile manifold, dependant on the part number selected and mounting preference. The AG362 is intended for most types of general industrial coating and fine finishing operations, suitable for both water based and solvent based applications. Guns are available with a range of Conventional, Trans-Tech (High Efficiency) and HVLP atomisation air caps, to give a choice of atomisation and Transfer Efficiency parameters.

Built to the same superior specification as the AG-361 automatic guns but with the addition of a quick detachable manifold base. This allows the gun to be quickly and easily removed for maintenance, cleaning or change-over without disturbing the positional settings. On re-attaching the fluid and air can be turned back on and the gun is instantly in the right location ready for operation.

Two manifold versions are available:

  • A lever operated cam version allowing very fast removal and replacement of the gun during the production process.
  • A low profile screw attached version. This manifold has the pressure capability for mounting both the the AG-362 low pressure gun and the AG-363 Air Assisted Airless Automatic gun. Just swap gun, change pump and spray!

Air Cap Specifications: Click Here


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